History of Nilper

Introduction and Background


   Nilper Company was established in 1992 as for PC consumer market and ancillary facilities like especial chairs for computer desks. Computer developing market, technical capabilities as well as mould manufacturing techniques and apt economical forecasts caused Nilper founders to produce upgraded modern work chairs. Nilper production activities commenced with production and assembly of chair pieces in a workshop of 120 square meters on Felestin Street Tehran. The process, from purchasing the sample chair to the production phase, lasted two years (1994-1996). Nilper Company, the name of which inspired from the Lotus flower (in Persian Niloufar), was officially registered in 1994.


   For its high activities and restrictions of the production site over the time, Nilper workshop moved to a land in Azari district of Tehran with 250 square meters area. A land was purchased in Chardangeh with 1200 square meters area and production process continued as well. Nilper could receive great attentions from the market and its customers, so required increased capacities which indicated the real prediction and understanding of Nilper management for the market future in 1992. Nilper activities continued to be traditional by 2001 and the company managed mostly by stockholders.  Increased production along with the problems occurred within the administrative system, indicated that knowledge-based and modern administrative systems were necessary in order to maintain and improve Nilper situation. Regarding to Nilper consistent approach for quality and quantity development plans; this procedure was established in 2002 as a permanent development approach inside the company.


   A new organizing innovation commenced in Nilper in order to upgrade activities and move forward to an industrial production approach. This organizing initiation met the development needs of Nilper. To achieve the predefined goals, new units established as well as industrial design and engineering departments. Nilper focused mainly on modifications and development of the existing systems and from 2002, the company developed training courses in different fields.


   Nilper could apply strategic management knowledge system since 2003 and the company departments developed certain codified strategies for it. Over the time, production shop moved to a new modern big land located in Bahrestan town Karaj by assistance and collaboration of the company experienced consultants. Thereby, the former 2000 square meter area moved into a big land of 36000 square meters with a 5000 square meter production shop. Standard codes and regulations focused by consultants were completely respected for all works relating to this movement.

Despite the great advances and increased production and sale, the company faced with serious problems; quality defects and insufficient pieces delivered by suppliers. Notwithstanding the company provided remedial efforts, train courses and various facilities, high quality pieces could not be supplied by the suppliers, subject to the schedule plan of Nilper. Nevertheless, great attentions considered by the expert consultants of the company and their recommendations for the supply chain resulted in a modern bigger plant with 40000 square meters designed and fabricated in Parand industrial zone after numerous efforts and all the required equipment were foreseen for it. In 2008, Nilper factory transfered to Parand industrial zone from Baharestan Karaj.

   Nilper is now the exclusive work chair manufacturer in Iran which produces many preassembled parts inside the company. The key purpose of this great investment is to raise the product quality, design ability and reduce the final price along with absorption of more satisfaction from the consumers.  

Main advantages of Nilper against the competitors` products are listed as follow:

.Nilper industrial approach to supply the production market requirements applying modern equipment and industrial production line which has been consistently emphasized by all departments of the organization.

.Main focus on customer satisfaction and its improvement through product quality and providing after sale services to all the consumers.

.Increased quality and convenience of the products using knowledge - based approaches and considering valuable viewpoints of the consumers and experienced consultants as one of the main activities of Nilper design department.

.Establishment of a comprehensive knowledge based design system regarding all necessary requirements for the users which leads to a significant quality advantage.

.Extension of the work chair to desk, home and restaurant chairs market and supplying the products to home furniture market.

.Finally, establishment of a comprehensive strategic administrative system and its full performance inside the organization.



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