Nilper's timeline

Nilper’s main achievements timeline

1992 produced the first series of specialized dental chair products with the aim of changing the office chair industry

1999 considered the diversity of products and introduced more than 20 different models in less than 7 years

2001 received ISO 9002-94 certificate and implemented Quality Management System

2002 promoted the quality management system and received ISO 9001:2000 certificates

2004 received certificate of national standard of 5040 of Iran

2005 started exporting to the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of Africa countries

2006 received certificate of U.S. furniture national standard (BIFMA) from SGS Company

2007 provided a major part of consumption demand of domestic markets and manufactured new products with over 60 models

2008 being selected as one of the hundred top brands of Iran in the first business brand name festival

2008 entitled as selective exporter of export special hall at eighteenth International Exhibition of home and office furniture

2008 entitled as the paramount in office chairs and office furniture category

2009 replace the factory to parand industrial zone and. Allocating 40000 square meter space for manufacturing.

2010 start of specializing activities(manufacturing, sale and marketing and transportation) and birth of nilper holding

2011 -2012 extends the diversity of products and markets(office, home, restaurant and kitchen and training)


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