Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Nilper in order to ensure customers' satisfaction has guaranteed its products in the following ways:

   Nilper Company guarantees to eliminate defects in your seat in case of three years of correct use as well as one year for jack as of the date of purchase.

   Warranty begins as of the date invoice issued. In case of lack of purchasing documentation, the chair's manufacturing date will be considered.

   Products Warranty is only valid within geographical boundaries of Islamic Republic of Iran.


Warranty is not included in the following items and conditions:


   product's veneer, coffee table’s glass

   Any damage caused by severe hits as well as damages resulting from transportation.

   Damages due to products in contact with hot objects, fire and direct sunlight.

   Damages due to using products out door

   Product repair or manipulating by miscellaneous persons out of supervision of the after     ...sales service units and authorized service agents of Nilper Company.

   Frequent use of product in uneven surfaces

   Unexpected incident such as flood, earthquake etc.

   Invalid product serial number

   Mismatching of serial number written in warranty card with product serial number

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